Questions you should ask your wedding Videographer?

The questions to ask

  1. Do you have my date available?
  2. What edits do I get and how can I share them?
  3. Can I post them on the web?
  4. How would you describe your film style?
  5. How would you describe your working style?
  6. What distinguishes your work from other videographers?
  7. Are you the cinematographer that will shoot my wedding?
  8. How do you work with photographers? What is your philosophy when working with photographers?
  9. Do you have backup equipment?
  10. What packages do you offer?
  11. Do you charge for travel?
  12. How will you be dressed?
  13. Do you provide USB? Digital delivery?
  14. Do you provide color correcting?
  15. Do I get to make changes after I receive the video?
  16. After the wedding, when will I receive my film?
  17. Do you have liability insurance?
  18. How much is your deposit and when is a payment due?
  19. Do you have a written contract?
  20. Are you a licensed drone pilot?

Our answers

  1. Please email us and ask
  2. You receive two edits. A documentary style and a short film style. The documentary edit is your full wedding from beginning to end with music you choose! The short film is a highlight storytelling five minute or less film that we purchase the rights to the music so you can share online.
  3. You can post your short film online but not your documentary film because of copyright laws.
  4. Our film style is a combination of storytelling elegance with a documentary feel. When shooting I have both edits in mind and know what needs to be captured both video and audio.
  5. We’re easy to work with and love what we do. You’re in charge, it’s your day!
  6. Other videographers are really in your way and in your face. We like to shoot from a distance, work with the other professional vendors on your wedding day to make it an amazing experience.
  7. I am the lead cinematographer at your wedding. I have three assistants I use until my wife if back from raising our children to an age that they can go to grandmas.
  8. The photographer is in charge, they have ONE chance to capture the moments. I have a blog post where I show the backs of videographers who have walked right down the aisle with the bride to where the photographer wasn’t able to get the father passing off the bride to the groom. This is why all your vendors need to work together.
  9. Yes, we have backup cameras we bring just in case. Our equipment is under a year old and I’m always updating.
  10. Every wedding is so unique we just have a starting price for 6 hours. Please email us or visit our Films page for more info.
  11. We do and sometimes it as little as gas money to like Tahoe and other surrounding areas. Sometimes we just ask for a hotel room for two nights. Please email us with your questions.
  12. We come dressed professionally in a collared shirt and slacks.
  13. Currently, you get a beautiful customized USB of all the edits. We’re working on streaming and online delivery. I’ll update this when things change.
  14. We color correct most of our documentary footage. We completely color correct the short film to optimize for web viewing.
  15. We typically allow a couple changes if they’re necessary. For example, if there’s a person you don’t want in the film or if there’s a spelling error. If you have a list of changes we charge $100 per hour for editing. 99.8% of our weddings never need any changes done.
  16. It takes up to 3 months to get your wedding film.
  17. Yes, we do have liability insurance. All professionals should! I’m a  licensed drone pilot and carry insurance on my drone.
  18. Our deposit is currently $200 but September 1st that will be raised to $500.
  19. Yes and you can sign it online or print it from online. Save a tree and do everything digitally!
  20. Yes, I am a licensed drone pilot. Why does this matter? If something was to go wrong and the drone crashed or accidentally ran into someone if you’re not a commercially licensed pilot insurance would not cover the expenses.
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