What is your style and storytelling approach?

It all starts with the consultation. If you want a documentary* approach which we typically get asked to do, we stay in the background out of the way. Over the years some of my favorite comments from bride and grooms were, “I don’t remember you getting that shot or even being there for that, how did you do it?” or “We never even noticed you were there, you’re in none of the photos.” We capture the day in all its beauty that you worked so hard to put together. We are experienced working with other professionals weddings.

We produce the cinematic trailer / teaser / highlights in the editing room. We shorten the day to a 5 to 10-minute film for easy sharing online. Using music and sounds from the wedding we add extra color using filter tools in the editing software.. This is where I can pick your really amazing moments and amazing words and tell the story of your day in all its glory.

If you want more of a cinematic* storytelling wedding film, then we work together and create a “script” prior to the wedding and shoot accordingly. This works great when shooting a “love story,” “Engagement Film”, or a “Wedding Announcement Film.”

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